A guide to celebrating your wedding anniversary while the lockdown is in effect

On your anniversary, reminisce with your spouse. Do numerous activities to make this day unique every year. Everyone is homebound due to the pandemic. You should enjoy your wedding day, not at a "better time" or "when things go back to normal". Make this lockdown your new normal and embrace it while you can. Know how? We'll explain!

Many traditions are being lost in this tech-driven day. One is handwritten letters. It may seem corny, but it's one of the most romantic things to do together.

Since quarantine festivities are new to everyone, it may take some time to implement, but developing card games with paper and a pen is entertaining. Writing dares for each other and playing the game on your anniversary might make the day busy and exciting.

This is one of the greatest ways to start your anniversary and make your night unforgettable. Use candles, confetti, and other goodies your partner adores. You may even play gentle music with dim lighting. To celebrate, set the bedroom mood and spend time together.

Your anniversary of marriage is a really significant day, and you should make sure that it is filled with all things romantic. You may surprise your partner by purchasing flowers for them, placing a note inside the arrangement, and then presenting it to them at the beginning of the day.

Take a moment to yourself, gather all of your thoughts, jot them down if you feel the need to, and then record a heartfelt message for your partner, either either as a video or an audio note. Send this to them during a time of the day when they are least expecting it, and see how it makes them feel pleased and emotional.

After being married for so long, you may have taken photos or made hilarious films of each other. Gather it and make a wonderful present. A digital or handwritten copy is possible. These presents are wonderful and considerate.

Perhaps you are aware of the food that your partner enjoys eating the most. To commemorate this momentous occasion, you may prepare their go-to cuisine. Not only does it demonstrate how much you love your partner, but the work that you put in will undoubtedly be appreciated.

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