A Randy Travis-signed full-size natural acoustic guitar.

A signed full-size natural acoustic guitar by Randy Travis is a prized collectible for fans and musicians alike. Here are key points regarding this item: 

A guitar signed by Randy Travis holds significant value for collectors and fans of country music. The autograph adds a personal connection to the artist, making it a sought-after piece of memorabilia. 

Typically, Randy Travis would sign the guitar on the body, often near the pickguard or on the top soundboard, ensuring visibility and prominence of the autograph. 

While Travis is known for playing Takamine guitars, signed guitars could be from various brands. However, a Takamine signed by Travis would be particularly special, given his association with the brand.

Authenticity is crucial for collectibles. A signed guitar should come with a certificate of authenticity (COA) from a reputable source to verify that the signature is genuine. 

Due to its collectible nature, a signed guitar by Randy Travis is often displayed in a protective case to preserve its condition and prevent damage. This also helps maintain its value over time. 

Signed guitars are often made available through charity auctions, fan events, or special promotions. Randy Travis has participated in numerous charity events where signed memorabilia, including guitars, are auctioned to raise funds for various causes. 

Owning a signed full-size natural acoustic guitar by Randy Travis is a testament to his legacy and influence in country music, offering fans a tangible piece of his artistry and history.