According to D Rodman's Rules, the Defense and Boards That Are Dominating.  

"Rodman's Rules: Dominating Defense and Boards" offers an inside look at the unorthodox yet highly effective strategies employed by basketball legend Dennis Rodman to dominate the defensive end of the court and excel in rebounding. 

Central to Rodman's approach was his relentless pursuit of the ball, coupled with an unparalleled understanding of positioning and timing.  

Despite lacking traditional size for his position, Rodman's tenacity and instincts allowed him to outmaneuver opponents and secure crucial rebounds, often sparking fast breaks and scoring opportunities for his team. 

In addition to his physical prowess, Rodman's mental game was equally formidable. He studied opponents' shooting tendencies and anticipated rebounds before they even left the shooter's hand, giving him a decisive edge on the court. 

"Rodman's Rules" goes beyond the X's and O's, delving into the mindset and work ethic that propelled Rodman to greatness. 

Through interviews with coaches, teammates, and Rodman himself, viewers gain insight into the dedication and discipline required to excel at the highest level of professional basketball. 

In the end, "Rodman's Rules" is a tribute to the enduring effect of a player who redefined what it meant to dominate on defense and the boards.   

He was the player who altered the role of the power forward. Rodman is the author of Rodman's Rules, which he wrote himself.