All of the performers and characters from the TV show Yellowstone.

"Yellowstone" boasts a talented ensemble cast that brings a diverse array of characters to life. Here are eight key performers and their characters: 

The patriarch of the Dutton family, John is a rugged and determined rancher who fiercely protects his family's legacy and land. 

John’s fiercely loyal and intelligent daughter, Beth is a corporate banker with a sharp tongue and a troubled past, known for her ruthless business tactics. 

John’s youngest son, Kayce is a former Navy SEAL who struggles to balance his duties to his family with his responsibilities to his wife and son. 

John’s adopted son, Jamie is a lawyer who seeks his father's approval and battles his own internal conflicts and ambitions. 

The Duttons' loyal ranch foreman, Rip is a tough and dependable enforcer with a deep, complex relationship with Beth. 

Kayce’s wife and a Native American, Monica faces her own challenges as she navigates the intersection of her cultural heritage and her life with the Dutton family. 

These performers and their characters contribute to the rich tapestry of "Yellowstone," each bringing their own unique dynamics and storylines to the show, enhancing its depth and appeal.