Are you familiar with these unique marital customs that are practiced in different parts of the world?

Weddings are the most beautiful events to see, participate in, hear about, and the most crucial for the bride-to-be. Each state has many faiths and wedding ceremonies. Some may make sense, while others may amaze. We know about Indian wedding customs, but there are intriguing global wedding traditions. We collected some of the most intriguing (and bizarre) ones below.

In the 'Joota Chupai' rite, the bride's sisters steal the groom's shoes and demand a ransom. One of the finest methods for both families to unite, making the wedding more exciting.

The Borneo bride and groom spend three days at home. This seems beautiful and romantic until you realize they can't use the restroom. This strengthens their bladders and connection. Yes, yes!

The Norwegian wedding tradition is to provide a cone-shaped frosted almond cake on significant occasions. The cake's hollow middle holds a wine bottle, a variation on traditional rite. Drink or consume it. Cool, huh?

White-clad Japanese brides perform Shinto ceremonies on their wedding days. Her makeup must be white. Her kimono features a 'tsunokushi' hood. They think the hood covers her 'horns of envy that she could feel towards her mother-in-law' and white represents her maiden status.

During the ceremony, the groomsmen take on the role of barbers and shave the face of the Greek groom. The groom is given honey and almonds by his mother-in-law after he has been freshly shaven during the ceremony.

The German groom and bride are required to clean up the stacks of porcelain dishes that the guests toss on the ground in an effort to ward off evil spirits. This is the first act of housework that they do together.

In Fiji, a man is required to offer his potential father-in-law with a whale's tooth in order to ask a woman's father for her hand in marriage. This is a fact that is rather interesting to learn.

Immediately following the wedding reception, the French bride and groom are forced to consume chocolate and champagne, but they are forced to do it from a toilet bowl. The belief is that by doing this rite, they will become more powerful before the night of their wedding. Right now, we aren't really certain about that!

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