As a pitcher, development and growth are included.

Julio Urías showed promise as a young pitcher, signing with the Los Angeles Dodgers as an international free agent at the age of 16. His talent and potential were evident from a young age, and he quickly rose through the ranks of the Dodgers' farm system.

Throughout his career, Urías has demonstrated mental toughness and resilience, overcoming challenges and setbacks to continue developing as a pitcher. He has shown an ability to bounce back from adversity and learn from his experiences on the mound.

As Urías has progressed in his career, he has expanded and refined his pitch repertoire to become a more complete pitcher. He has developed secondary pitches such as a changeup and slider to complement his fastball, allowing him to keep hitters off balance and generate strikeouts.

One area of growth for Urías has been his command and control on the mound. Over time, he has become more consistent with his pitch location and has reduced his walk rate, allowing him to work deeper into games and be more effective against opposing hitters.

Urías has focused on improving his strength and conditioning to enhance his durability and endurance as a pitcher. He has worked diligently in the weight room and on his overall fitness to withstand the rigors of a long major league season.

With experience and maturity, Urías has developed a deeper understanding of the art of pitching and the nuances of the game. He has learned to study opposing hitters and adjust his approach based on game situations, making him a more strategic and effective pitcher.

Urías has shown an ability to adapt to different roles and situations on the mound. Whether starting games or coming out of the bullpen, he has embraced his role on the team and has found success in various situations.

At just 25 years old, Urías is still in the early stages of his major league career and has significant room for growth and improvement as a pitcher. With his talent, work ethic, and determination, he has the potential to become an even more dominant force on the mound in the years to come.