Browns had Kevin Costner's high regard even before the picture.

Kevin Costner's high regard for the Cleveland Browns football team has been evident even before his involvement in the film "Draft Day." Here are some key points highlighting Costner's longstanding connection with the Browns: 

Costner, a native of California, has publicly expressed his admiration for the Cleveland Browns, indicating a personal affinity for the team. This genuine interest likely stems from his passion for football and his appreciation for the sport's traditions and history. 

Costner has made several public statements acknowledging his support for the Browns, often praising the team's resilience, spirit, and dedicated fan base. His vocal endorsement of the Browns further solidifies his connection with the franchise and its community. 

As a prominent figure in the entertainment industry, Costner recognizes the cultural significance of football, particularly in regions like Cleveland where the sport holds deep-rooted importance. His affinity for the Browns reflects a broader appreciation for football's role in American society. 

Costner's association with the Browns presents promotional opportunities for both parties. His involvement in the film "Draft Day," which centers around the NFL Draft and features the Browns prominently, likely deepened his ties with the team and provided mutual benefits in terms of publicity and marketing.

Costner's support for the Browns resonates with fans of both the team and the actor. His visible enthusiasm for the Browns fosters a sense of camaraderie among supporters and enhances the team's cultural significance within the broader football community. 

Costner's connection with the Browns extends beyond mere fandom; it reflects his engagement with the Cleveland community and his willingness to embrace local traditions and institutions. 

In summary, Kevin Costner's high regard for the Cleveland Browns predates his involvement in "Draft Day" and reflects a genuine appreciation for the team's cultural significance and community spirit. His support for the Browns resonates with fans and underscores his enduring connection to the world of football.