C.J. Stroud's animated reaction to 49ers' Pearsall pick

Without uttering a word, C.J. Stroud conveyed his feelings over the 49ers' 2024 NFL Draft first-round selection of Ricky Pearsall.

Stroud threw his body to one side, put his hands on his head, and turned to the side with his head down as host Adam Lefkoe started to announce San Francisco's selection with the No. 31 overall pick. The Houston Texans quarterback was joined on Thursday's Bleacher Report live draft show by Dallas Cowboys All-Pro linebacker Micah Parsons.

It took him a few seconds, but eventually he managed to articulate his startled and enthusiastic reaction. Stroud yelled out, "Damn," and then he whipped around to get his cell phone. According to Lefkoe, Stroud had never before shown that type of reaction during the four hours or more that they had watched through the live stream before San Francisco's selection.

"How? In what ways was he even detected by them? Stroud spoke up. Nonetheless, I'm pleased for him because he had hoped to compete in the first round. He earns a higher salary. Dude, I had a few conversations with him. Way to go, dude. That is significant.

His status is that of an elite. I'll show you. In particular, Kyle [Shanahan] will step up their offense for him. That's why I had the impression he would have been a good fit for our team. You're right, he's bad.

According to Stroud, he had multiple chats with the wide receiver prior to the selection and continued to follow him throughout college. Stroud talked about the person he texted once the selection was made public.

"I am utterly confused, dude," Stroud confessed. I'm not claiming to be a receiver master or the greatest of all time, but I can recognize routes and identify football players who play the position. First impressions were positive: I'd seen him play at Arizona State, so I figured he must be terrific. Following that, his freshman year at Florida was passable. He completed it in his final year.

It's a sum of all of them. Damn, they got Pearsall! I just texted my best friend—he's always there for me—and told him that. I greatly desired him. Despite some early unease among 49ers faithful over the Pearsall selection, Stroud's insightful answer should assuage some concerns about the new teammate.