Cavaliers guard Darius Garland cleared for play after jaw injury.

Wednesday was the day that Darius Garland was given permission to begin certain on-court activity, one month after he suffered a broken jaw while playing against the Boston Celtics.

On December 14th, the guard for the Cleveland Cavaliers and the center for the Boston Celtics, Kristaps Porzingis, were involved in a collision as they were driving in the lane. As a result, Garland was forced to consume just liquids and remained on the bench until his jaw healed.

Just this past Monday, the wire that was attached to the 23-year-old's jaw was removed. In light of the preliminary prognosis, it is anticipated that Garland will continue to be absent for a period of two weeks.

When the injury occurred, Cleveland was sporting a record of 13-12 and he was averaging 20.7 points and 5.9 assists per game. During his absence, the squad has already achieved a record of 12-3. 

In the five games that have followed their loss in the opening game of the new year, the Cavaliers have been on a winning streak.

It is possible that the fact that Cleveland has been able to achieve this level of success despite the fact that power forward Evan Mobley has also been out is even more amazing. His knee had arthroscopic surgery in December, and it is not anticipated that he will return until the following month.

On Wednesday, the Cavaliers will play their next game, which will be a home game against the Milwaukee Bucks. After that, Cleveland will embark on a four-game road trip, during which they will play the Atlanta Hawks, the Orlando Magic, and the Milwaukee Bucks in consecutive games.

The Cavaliers are now in second place in the Central Division and fourth place in the Eastern Conference right now, which is the halfway mark of the season.

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