Companion Planting: Maximizing Growth with Plant Pairings

Tomatoes and Basil: Basil repels certain pests that can affect tomatoes while enhancing their flavor. 

Beans and Corn: Beans fix nitrogen in the soil, benefiting corn, which requires nitrogen-rich conditions. 

Cucumbers and Nasturtiums: Nasturtiums deter pests that can harm cucumber plants, acting as a natural pest repellent. 

Carrots and Onions: Onions repel pests that can affect carrots, and the combination can improve the flavor of both. 

Lettuce and Radishes: Radishes deter pests like leafminers, which can be harmful to lettuce. 

Strawberries and Thyme: Thyme acts as a ground cover around strawberries, suppressing weeds and providing a protective barrier. 

Broccoli and Sage: Sage repels pests that can harm broccoli plants, making it a suitable companion. 

Marigolds and Various Vegetables: Marigolds repel nematodes and other pests, making them beneficial companions for many vegetables. 

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