Comparisons between Urías and other prominent MLB pitchers

A comparison between Urías and Kershaw, both left-handed pitchers for the Los Angeles Dodgers, could focus on their pitching styles, career statistics, postseason performances, and impact on the team's success.

Contrasting Urías with deGrom of the New York Mets could delve into their pitching arsenals, strikeout rates, earned run averages (ERAs), and Cy Young Award considerations.

Analyzing Urías alongside Cole, a dominant right-handed pitcher for the New York Yankees, might explore their fastball velocities, command of pitches, postseason experiences, and effectiveness against opposing hitters.

Comparing Urías to Scherzer, a veteran pitcher with multiple Cy Young Awards, could highlight their pitching repertoires, durability, strikeout totals, and leadership qualities on the mound.

Contrasting Urías with Darvish, a skilled pitcher for the San Diego Padres, could examine their pitch selection, ability to induce swings and misses, career trajectories, and performances in pressure situations.

Analyzing Urías alongside Bieber of the Cleveland Guardians might focus on their pitching mechanics, control, earned run averages, strikeout-to-walk ratios, and potential as future aces in their respective rotations.

Comparing Urías to Buehler, another standout pitcher for the Los Angeles Dodgers, could delve into their playoff performances, consistency, fastball velocity, pitch movement, and development since entering the major leagues.

Contrasting Urías with Wheeler of the Philadelphia Phillies could explore their effectiveness against opposing lineups, ground ball rates, earned run averages, strikeout numbers, and value to their respective teams as top-of-the-rotation starters.