Cowboys Inch Closer to Ezekiel Elliott Reunion Amid Running Back Shortage

The Dallas Cowboys are still searching for a solution to their running back shortage, with signs pointing towards a potential reunion with Ezekiel Elliott.

Despite not confirming an agreement, owner Jerry Jones has expressed interest in bringing back Elliott, who played for the Cowboys from 2016 to 2022.

Jones addressed the team's approach to the draft, hinting at their ongoing evaluation of available options, while emphasizing their curiosity about Elliott's future role.

Recent discussions between the Cowboys and Elliott, along with a chance encounter at a restaurant, indicate ongoing dialogue regarding a potential return.

Jones remains confident in Elliott's abilities, believing he can still perform at a starting level, despite a dip in production last season.

While Elliott's performance saw a decline in the latter part of the season, the Cowboys are optimistic about his potential impact and value as a key contributor.

Despite offseason changes in the running back group, including the departure of Tony Pollard, the Cowboys are exploring all options to strengthen the roster, with Elliott remaining a significant consideration.

With Elliott's history of success and contributions to the team, the Cowboys are open to his return and envision him as a valuable asset moving forward.