Desire Passive Income for Decades? Two Energy Stocks to Purchase Right Now and Keep Always (Part-1)

For investors eyeing the energy sector, navigating the landscape amidst the ongoing transition from carbon-based fuels to cleaner alternatives like solar and wind power can be daunting.

However, amidst these shifting tides, stalwart energy companies such as Enbridge (NYSE: ENB) and TotalEnergies (NYSE: TTE) stand out as compelling dividend stocks worthy of consideration.

The Reality of the Clean Energy Shift The ascent of clean energy is undeniable, posing a significant threat to traditional, carbon-intensive energy sources. Coal's decline in the United States, coupled with the rising prominence of cleaner alternatives such as natural gas, solar, and wind power, underscores this paradigm shift.

Yet, while clean energy's growth trajectory is impressive, it operates from a relatively small base, leaving ample room for expansion within the broader energy landscape.

This presents dividend investors with a nuanced dilemma. While energy companies entrenched in oil and natural gas continue to generate substantial cash flows, the long-term trajectory likely entails a substantial shift towards cleaner energy sources.

Fortunately, investors need not choose between oil-centric or clean energy stocks; options exist that provide exposure to current cash flows from traditional energy while offering potential for future growth in clean energy.

Enbridge: The Steady Tortoise Enbridge emerges as a quintessential example of the slow-and-steady approach. As one of North America's largest midstream companies, its pipeline, storage, and transportation assets constitute vital energy infrastructure with irreplaceable value.

Leveraging a fee-based business model, Enbridge sustains robust cash flows throughout the energy cycle, underpinning its generous 7.7% dividend yield, which has seen annual increases for 29 consecutive years.