Desk Exercises: Staying Active in a Sedentary Job

Chair Squats: Stand up from your chair and sit back down to engage your leg muscles. 

Seated Leg Raises: Lift one leg at a time while seated to activate and strengthen your leg muscles. 

Desk Push-Ups: Place your hands on your desk and perform push-ups to engage your upper body. 

Calf Raises: Rise onto your toes and back down while standing to work on your calf muscles. 

Desk Chair Swivels: Sit tall and swivel your chair side to side to engage your core muscles. 

Shoulder Shrugs: Lift and lower your shoulders to release tension and improve shoulder mobility. 

Seated Torso Twists: Twist your torso while seated to engage your core and improve spinal mobility. 

Desk Stretches: Incorporate stretches for your neck, shoulders, and back to alleviate stiffness from prolonged sitting. 

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