Did Jerod Mayo hint at Patriots' NFL Draft pick?

This summer will be crucial for the Patriots and new head coach Jerod Mayo. After a 4-13 season, New England must upgrade their squad to prevent a repeat in 2024. Most of those improvements must be objectionable.

The Patriots should be aggressive in free agency, but they'll decide the franchise's future face with the third overall choice in 2024. They may pick one of the consensus top-three quarterbacks—USC's Caleb Williams, UNC's Drake Maye, or LSU's Jayden Daniels—or Ohio State's Marvin Harrison Jr., a promising wide receiver.

More than three months until the draft, the Patriots' stance is unknown. In an interview with WBZ's Steve Burton, Mayo may have revealed his thoughts.

"We'll draft the best player for a crucial position," Mayo told Burton. "Place the pieces together."

Mayo may have been joking, but that sounds like a quarterback. The Patriots may pick a top QB in the class for the most crucial position in sports.

However, Mayo may have meant Harrison, who would fit one of New England's major requirements. Harrison is the top wideout in the 2024 draft and is predicted to become a league leader.

Phil Perry thinks the Patriots should pick a QB with the third overall pick. If he were boss, he'd select Daniels above Williams and Maye.

Who will make draft day decisions for New England? Director of player personnel Matt Groh and director of scouting Eliot Wolf become front office leaders without Bill Belichick. Robert Kraft stated Wednesday, "We want to see what we have in-house, look what’s out there in the marketplace, and then do what we think is right." during the team's general manager search.

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