Documentation of injuries and the healing process

In 2017, Urías underwent anterior capsule surgery on his left shoulder to address a torn anterior capsule. The procedure required a lengthy rehabilitation process to regain strength and mobility in his shoulder.

Following his shoulder surgery, Urías faced an extended period of rehabilitation to recover from the injury and regain full functionality in his pitching arm. The recovery process involved physical therapy, strengthening exercises, and a gradual return to throwing.

After months of rehabilitation, Urías made his return to the mound for the Dodgers in 2018. He worked his way back through the minor league ranks before rejoining the major league club later in the season.

In his return from shoulder surgery, Urías was carefully managed by the Dodgers to prevent overuse and minimize the risk of re-injury. He pitched limited innings and was used primarily out of the bullpen to ease his transition back to full-time pitching duties.

Throughout the 2018 season and beyond, Urías was subject to pitch count restrictions and innings limits as part of the Dodgers' cautious approach to managing his workload and protecting his arm health.

Since returning from his shoulder surgery, Urías has been closely monitored by the Dodgers' medical staff and coaching staff to ensure that he does not experience any setbacks or overexertion that could lead to further injury.

As part of his recovery process, Urías worked with pitching coaches to make mechanical adjustments to his delivery to reduce stress on his shoulder and improve his overall arm health.

To prevent future injuries and maintain his arm health, Urías incorporates strength training, flexibility exercises, and proper throwing mechanics into his regular routine. He prioritizes taking care of his body to ensure that he can perform at a high level over the course of a long season.