Draymond notes Grizzlies fans' booing in Warriors return irony.

Memphis supporters often boo Warriors player Draymond Green. When he returned from suspension on Monday at FedExForum, it wasn't surprising to see a chorus of them.

Green stated on the newest edition of "The Draymond Green Show." why he found it funny.

It also felt good to boo the crowd back because they were booing like always in Memphis," remarked Green. It's weird that Memphis fans detest me so badly when they wanted me in free agency. It would have been funny to go to Memphis. I wonder how Memphis would have received me.

Green entered NBA free agency this offseason, but he inked a four-year, $100 million Warriors contract at the end of June. The Golden State veteran has indicated he had better offers from other clubs, but Memphis was also interested. Green thought it would be funny if he ended up in a place where most fans hated him.

But yeah, they really hate me there and to be honest, I love it and I love them and I love that they love to hate me," Green said. "Great stuff. It's always fun and their supporters are amusing. Fun is always had

Green recalls flipping off Grizzlies fans in Game 2 of the 2022 Western Conference playoffs. The Warriors star was headed to the locker room to get stitches for a gash beneath his right eye after Memphis big man Xavier Tillman elbowed him. When Grizzlies supporters booed, Green did the double bird.

The former NBA DPOY enjoys his epic battles with Grizz supporters, calling it "a fun time in my life and a fun moment in my NBA career." "But I felt like they were well-deserved at that point," Green added. Your rooting for an injury. That's lowest class. However, I adore Memphis."

Even though Green's fandom doesn't reciprocate, it wouldn't have been the end of the world if he ended up in Memphis. Golden State was glad the four-time NBA champion stayed in the Bay. "Although they hate me and boo, I love those boos," Green remarked of basketball fans. Let them come. Very good

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