Eagles may not disclose whether Nick Sirianni remains.

Mike McCarthy will coach the Cowboys in 2024, the team announced Wednesday night. Here's something to remember while many await an Eagles announcement. The Eagles may not confirm Sirianni's stay. On Thursday, a club official asked, "Did Cleveland announce Kevin Stefanski would be back?"

They didn't, even if the Browns' exceptional season ended in an ugly loss. The departure of other assistant coaches suggested Stefanski wasn't. Still, the Browns did not feel compelled to proclaim Stefanski safe following a loss as humiliating and surprising as the Cowboys and Eagles'.

Why make a statement that he's coming back?" the insider asked Sirianni and the Eagles. That suggests you considered he may not return. Jerry Jones does that. I doubt the Eagles are that organized."

McCarthy is a lame duck and on the hot seat for 2024 after Dallas announced that he will return for the last year of his contract without an extension. If the Cowboys value McCarthy as much as Jones claims, why not extend his contract?

The Eagles may function differently. Saying Sirianni will return implies serious consideration of a change (if it happened). Sirianni will be seen as on the hot seat from the start in 2024, making it difficult for him. The Eagles may just announce that defensive coordinator Sean Desai and/or offensive coordinator Brian Johnson are leaving, then interview and hire their replacements.

Many naturally wait for anything from the Eagles regarding Sirianni, especially after 10 days of seismic and in many ways unparalleled coaching turmoil. However, we may not receive anything. No announcement. Not even a team leak about Sirianni's comeback. Actions will convey the message. Any coaching staff changes will make Sirianni's absence known.

There's no guarantee Sirianni is safe. After winning a Super Bowl, Doug Pederson was fired three years later because he and ownership disagreed on staff adjustments. If Sirianni and owner Jeffrey Lurie agree on the adjustments, they will likely be enacted without saying if Sirianni would return.

He'll return. If he returns. More probable he will be as we move away from Monday night's Tampa Bay catastrophe. Even if the Eagles never say it.

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