Eat Seasonally: Fresh, Local Foods for Health

Nutrient Density: Seasonal foods are collected at their optimum, to maximize nutrient density. Fresh local produce retains more vitamins and minerals.

Seasonal meals are known for their increased flavor and taste. More ripe and tasty fruits and vegetables are collected in season.

Choose seasonal and local foods to support local farmers and promote sustainable agriculture. It reduces long-distance food transport carbon emissions.

Experiment with seasonal eating to add diversity to your diet as various foods become available throughout the year. This diversity makes a diet balanced and nutrient-rich.

Economic Benefits: Promoting local farmers and markets boosts the local economy. It connects customers and producers, building community.

Environmental Impact: Seasonal eating supports natural produce growth cycles, minimizing artificial interventions. This reduces intensive farming's environmental impact.

In-season produce is frequently cheaper due to its abundance. Cheap seasonal foods make healthy eating more affordable for many people.

Nature connectedness: Seasonal eating promotes connectedness to the natural cycles of the environment and the changing seasons. The cyclical nature of food production is appreciated.

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