Ezekiel Elliott's endorsement deals and brand partnerships

Ezekiel Elliott signed a lucrative endorsement deal with Nike, one of the world's leading athletic apparel brands. As a prominent NFL running back, Elliott has been featured in Nike's advertising campaigns, including commercials and print ads, promoting the brand's football gear and lifestyle apparel.

Elliott has partnered with PepsiCo, a multinational food and beverage corporation, for endorsement deals. He has appeared in advertisements for Pepsi products, including Pepsi soda and Gatorade sports drinks, leveraging his athletic image and popularity to reach a wider audience.

As a top NFL player, Ezekiel Elliott has collaborated with Panini America, a sports card manufacturer, for exclusive trading card deals. These partnerships involve the production of collectible trading cards featuring Elliott's image and signature, catering to sports memorabilia collectors and fans.

Elliott has been involved in endorsement deals with Campbell's Soup Company, specifically promoting their Chunky soup brand. He has appeared in commercials and marketing campaigns for Chunky soup, often emphasizing the product's hearty and nourishing qualities, particularly for athletes.

Given his prominence as a Dallas Cowboys player, Ezekiel Elliott has also partnered with various local brands and businesses in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. These partnerships may include appearances, endorsements, and collaborations with restaurants, retailers, and other establishments seeking to leverage his local celebrity status.

Elliott has ventured into the fashion and apparel industry through partnerships with clothing brands and designers. These collaborations may involve co-branded merchandise lines, limited-edition apparel releases, and fashion campaigns featuring Elliott as a style icon.

Ezekiel Elliott has endorsed various sporting goods brands, including those specializing in football equipment and accessories. These partnerships often involve promoting products such as cleats, gloves, and training gear, showcasing Elliott's expertise and preferences in football equipment.

In addition to commercial endorsements, Elliott has aligned himself with brands and organizations for philanthropic initiatives. These partnerships may involve raising awareness and funds for charitable causes, leveraging Elliott's platform as a professional athlete to make a positive impact in communities.