Falcons Shock NFL Draft: Kirk Cousins Surprised by Round 1 Selection of QB Michael Penix Jr

The Atlanta Falcons made a surprising choice in the first round of the 2024 NFL Draft, selecting Michael Penix Jr. as the eighth overall pick, stunning observers.

The Falcons maintained secrecy regarding their pick, even withholding information from Kirk Cousins, who was unaware of their intention to draft a quarterback.

Mike McCartney, Cousins' agent, expressed astonishment over the selection of Penix, emphasizing the lack of advance notice from the Falcons or any indication during prior discussions.

Despite attempting to inform Cousins of their decision while on the clock, the Falcons' gesture failed to alleviate his shock and disappointment, as reported by The Athletic and NFL Media.

Cousins, having recently signed a substantial contract with the Falcons, expected to be their primary quarterback, making the unexpected drafting of Penix a significant development.

The contract's terms, including $90 million in guaranteed money, indicate that the Falcons have flexibility to transition to Penix if they choose, especially considering Cousins' injury history.

While the selection of Penix demonstrates the Falcons' boldness, it also introduces potential complications and tensions within the team, particularly regarding the quarterback position.

Overall, the Falcons' decision to draft Penix in the eighth spot sets the stage for intrigue and speculation regarding the team's future dynamics and quarterback situation.