Find out how the star's present and past colleagues are supporting him.

Current and former teammates may reach out to the injured player directly to offer words of encouragement and support. They may send text messages, make phone calls, or visit the player in person to let them know that they are thinking of them and wishing them a speedy recovery. 

Teammates often take to social media platforms to publicly express their support for the injured player. They may post photos or videos with heartfelt captions, share memories of playing together, or use hashtags to show solidarity with their teammate. 

Current teammates may visit the injured player at home or in the hospital to offer companionship and assistance during their recovery. They may bring care packages filled with snacks, books, or other items to help lift their teammate's spirits during this challenging time. 

 Former teammates who have experience with similar injuries may offer advice and guidance to the injured player as they navigate the rehabilitation process. They may share tips for staying motivated, managing pain, or adapting to life off the field while recovering.

Current teammates may organize team bonding activities or events to show support for the injured player and boost team morale. This could include team dinners, movie nights, or other group activities to help maintain a sense of camaraderie and unity during the player's absence. 

 Teammates may speak out publicly in support of the injured player during media interviews or press conferences. They may praise the player's resilience, determination, and positive attitude in the face of adversity, serving as vocal advocates for their teammate.

Former teammates may share personal stories and memories of their time together with the injured player to remind them of the bond they share as teammates and friends. These heartfelt gestures can help strengthen the player's resolve and sense of belonging within the team. 

Above all, both current and former teammates offer emotional support to the injured player during this challenging time. Whether through words of encouragement, acts of kindness, or simply being there to lend an ear, teammates play a crucial role in helping their injured colleague navigate the physical and emotional challenges of rehabilitation.