Five individuals discuss their experiences with lockdowns and the impact that social separation has had on their connections.

Rather to socializing online, bonding involves spending time with someone in person. Since the lockdown, meeting anybody outside your family is dangerous.

Because of this, a lot of individuals are missing their buddies even more than before. Because it enables individuals to remain connected on numerous platforms, the Internet has been a huge help during these difficult times.

Have individuals truly become closer to their pals as a result of social distancing? We polled a small sample of Americans for their thoughts, and here is what they revealed:

"This epidemic has evoked more emotions than any other year," says Indore's Sanya Chhabda. As a vocal person, I always share my sentiments with my best friends. My two best friends and I started 'a meal a week' after calling more during the lockout. Three of us adore cooking and food unites us. We cooked weekly meals from our group and had a video conference supper. During lockdown, we ate, laughed, sang, and spoke about life."

I lost touch with my best friend throughout this lockout since we couldn't spend time together. We spent much time together before the pandemic. After I battled with chores and worked extra, everything fell apart. I was too exhausted to call my dearest friend at night. I realized I can't let this lockdown damage my friendship after a few months. I attempted to contact my best friend. Of course, she's upset with my indifference. I won't quit. I think she'll yield."

Hardly permitted to leave or see my adjacent pals for months. Dismal and boring isn't news. My best friend who lives far away and I planned to watch movies every night after dinner. We spoke extensively on the phone two evenings. Netflix Party, Amazon Prime, and Hotstar were our daily movie options. This enabled us enjoy many video conversations and old and new movies together."

My buddies and I continued complaining about how we can't hang out due to this ongoing lockdown. For a few weeks, we kept in touch via calls, messages, and videos. After a few months, we lost touch and focused on housework and other tasks. Soon, I realized this can't be it. I can't lose pals for social distance. I resumed phoning and texting. I persisted, and we started giving each other weekly reports again.

My friends and I learnt a lot during the lockdown. That brings us closer. We partied hard before the pandemic. We party despite social distance. We order dinner from our favorite restaurant, pour a glass of wine, and sit on a zoom call to dance to music and eat on Sunday nights. Enjoying ourselves.

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