Great stocks that have made and will make millions

The Nasdaq Composite index has risen 118% in five years despite the COVID-19 epidemic and a 2022 economic crisis. The graphic shows how profitable investing in some companies and holding through market downturns can be.  

Thus, investing in Nasdaq Composite leaders with long-term holding ambitions is a good option. As the world's second and sixth most valuable corporations, Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) is appealing.  

Apple's stock is up 319% since 2019 and Amazon's 96%. Both firms dominate their industries and have generated numerous millionaires. Apple and Amazon have intriguing developments that could lead to big advantages in the future.  

1. Amazon Amazon is popular for its broad business approach. As e-commerce king, the firm dominates the industry with 38% market share. Amazon dominates online retail, as Walmart's second-largest market share is 6%.  

Amazon's retail operation is profitable, with North America and International revenue up 12% and 10% in the first quarter of 2024. Retail operating income rose to $6 billion from its $349 million loss in the previous quarter.  

However, Amazon goes beyond e-commerce. AWS, the world's largest cloud platform, announced 17% sales growth in Q1 2024, its greatest increase in a year. AWS' operating income surged 84% to more over $9 billion during the quarter, accounting for 62% of Amazon's total operating income while receiving the least revenue of its three primary sectors.  

In addition to strong retail and cloud growth, Q1 2024 revealed the corporation may profit from digital advertising, controlled by Alphabet and Meta Platforms. Advertising income rose 24% in the quarter, mostly due to Prime Video commercials.  

Amazon stock trades at 40 times its forward earnings, so it's not cheap. The company's stock is up 20% this year. Amazon's stock and growth potential in numerous areas may justify its high price and make you a fortune with the appropriate investment.