"Grindin' up bones" is the title of Randy Travis's latest memoir.  

In his new memoir, titled "Diggin' Up Bones," Randy Travis reflects on his life, career, and personal struggles. Here are eight key points about this memoir: 

The memoir is titled "Diggin' Up Bones," named after one of his hit songs, reflecting the memoir's introspective and revealing nature. It was released in 2024. 

Like his previous works, this memoir was written with the assistance of a co-author, helping Travis articulate his experiences and insights. 

"Diggin' Up Bones" dives deep into Travis's personal life, sharing stories and reflections that weren't fully explored in his earlier autobiography, "Forever and Ever, Amen." 

The memoir gives an in-depth look at his health issues, particularly his recovery from the massive stroke in 2013 that left him unable to speak or sing for several years. It details his arduous journey towards partial recovery. 

Travis opens up about his relationships, including his marriage to his second wife, Mary, who has been a crucial part of his recovery and support system. 

The book revisits pivotal moments in his music career, offering new anecdotes and behind-the-scenes stories from his time in the country music industry, including collaborations and tours. 

This new memoir provides a richer, more detailed account of Randy Travis's experiences, further enhancing the narrative of his enduring influence on country music and his personal journey of triumph over adversity.