Grizzlies Bear Brunt of Blame for Disastrous 2023-24 NBA Season

Despite three consecutive playoff appearances, the Memphis Grizzlies faced a challenging 2023-24 season.

Hindered by injuries and setbacks, the Grizzlies struggled to field their full roster and only managed to win 27 games.

While the team remains young with future championship potential, each season holds significant importance.

Suspension and off-court conduct marred Ja Morant's availability, impacting the team's performance.

Morant's absence at the start of the season led to a rough stretch, highlighting his importance to the team's success.

A brief resurgence followed Morant's return, but it was short-lived as he suffered a season-ending shoulder injury.

Injuries plagued the team throughout the season, with key players like Marcus Smart and Desmond Bane missing significant time.

The Grizzlies used a staggering number of players due to injuries, derailing their playoff aspirations, but hope remains for a healthier and stronger team in the upcoming season.