How Sugars and Acids Cause Tooth Decay in Fast Food and Dental Health.

Tooth decay is complicated by food, dental hygiene, and susceptibility. Fast food, which is heavy in carbohydrates and acids, can cause tooth decay in numerous ways:

Sugar-Bacteria Interaction: Fast food and sugary snacks are high in sucrose, fructose, and glucose, which oral bacteria eat.

These carbohydrates are metabolized by oral bacteria, creating acids. Lactic acid erodes tooth enamel, causing demineralization and cavities.

Acidic meals and drinks demineralize tooth enamel, making it more prone to decay. Enamel erosion weakens teeth, allowing germs to create cavities.

Saliva helps neutralize oral acids and remineralize enamel. Reduced saliva flow can compromise these defenses.

Insufficient calcium and vitamin D intake can weaken teeth and make them more susceptible to decay.

To improve oral health, eat fruits, vegetables, dairy, and lean proteins.

Regular dental checkups can detect and treat dental concerns early. Fast food can harm your teeth, but excellent diet and oral hygiene can help.

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