I began working out for the first time when I was in my 50s. The following is what I have discovered:

50 and older, staying active is difficult. Stress, bone loss, and sitting down to reflect on all those years working may take a toll. Only after a deep look in the mirror do you no longer connect with yourself. I started a program for me, not to impress others. I set a goal to exercise for health.

It was a rough first morning. Before finally getting out of bed, I hit the snooze button twice. Even the initial few steps were becoming difficult.

Honestly, it was hard to proceed. I started walking 3-4 times a week, allowing time to rest. Walking like this hurt my legs every morning. Week 2 was better. I pushed myself to walk faster. Age started affecting me, but I could tell.

Working out with someone is better. They challenge you to go farther. Brisk walks become jogging and sprinting. Stretches showed me that my rigid body had some flexibility.

Around 6-7 weeks into the regimen, my paunch shrank, my face appeared less weary, and staying in bed beyond 6 was impossible.Yoga was intimidating for beginners. At least they say so! I thought you had to be youthful, strong, and flexible to bend, but I was mistaken.

At any age, your body requires a signal to accelerate. After 40 and 50, intense exercise is difficult. Warming up and stretching before starting is key because the first few days are difficult.

Weight loss is only half of exercising. Getting out of the zone is crucial. In severe zones, weight loss may be unhealthy. Remember, the body requires nutrients.

Fad diets and fashionable cuisine don't work for everyone, especially beyond 50. Dietary greens, pulses, and fibrous meals are crucial. Indian cuisine is enough, thankfully. Always eat chapatis, dal, and greens.

Watch this space for further developments.