Indicators of male unease that have the ability to turn women away from them

The concept of insecurity is most frequently linked with women, and people are often unaware of the reality that males also experience feelings of insecurity.

Both men and women pay close attention to how they seem. According to a fascinating study, small men tend to feel quite self-conscious about their height. It doesn't even begin to scratch the surface of the list. Many variables might make a man feel uneasy, including his height, weight, looks, and social abilities.

And because of these fears, women may find that guys don't pique their attention. As a result, we considered devising indicators of male insecurity that women find completely repulsive, with the intention of males working on them.

This is the first thing women notice about new men. If a man looks everywhere but at her, she'll think he's bashful or weak. Instead, a guy should look squarely into a woman's eyes as she speaks. Confidence will make the lady more interested in him.

Whenever a man is anxious in the presence of a woman, he may speak too rapidly, speak too quietly, or even stutter at times. When a man's voice has this type of hesitancy, women are able to pick it up. On the other hand, a man need to focus on maintaining a pleasant tone of voice and speaking with self-assurance.

Hunching when standing or slouching while sitting won't impress a woman. Since 93% of communication is nonverbal, a man should not let his body language disappoint a woman if he's attempting to impress her. Strong body language affects women greatly. Sure, standing straight with shoulders back and sitting up will work.

A "yes" man won't get you far. It will just demonstrate masculine insecurity and weakness. Men assume women want them to say yes to everything, but that's not what draws women. Plan what you're doing with her as a guy. Sometimes a guy should decide without consulting a woman. Being the leader attracts women.

A man must be confident around a lady to get her attention. However, a man who brags or flaunts it will appear insecure. Instead, guys should tweak their remarks to appear assured. It will attract women who will compliment it.

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