Ja Morant Secures Murray State Legacy with Top Honor from Grizzlies

Despite setbacks like suspensions and injuries, Ja Morant, the Memphis Grizzlies guard, receives a significant honor from his alma mater.

Murray State University announces Morant's induction into their Hall of Fame, hailing him as "the best to ever do it."

Morant's collegiate journey, filled with electrifying highlights, is often overlooked amidst his NBA career.

Despite not being highly recruited, Morant's talent was discovered by Murray State assistant coach James Kane during a chance encounter.

Morant's impact at Murray State was immediate, marked by achievements like recording the school's second triple-double.

His sophomore season saw Morant rise to new heights, winning numerous awards and becoming an NCAA standout.

Despite playing just two seasons, Morant left a lasting legacy at Murray State, setting records and earning accolades.

Murray State's Athletic Director acknowledges Morant's unparalleled contribution to the university and his ongoing success in the NBA, inspiring future recruits to overcome obstacles and reach their full potential.