Kelly Reilly's Perspective on Fame and Celebrity.

While Kelly Reilly hasn't provided extensive public statements about fame and celebrity, she has occasionally shared insights into her perspective on these topics through interviews and discussions.  

From the information available, it seems that Reilly values her privacy and focuses more on her craft than the trappings of celebrity. Here's an overview of her perspective on fame and celebrity based on her public statements and actions: 

Reilly appears to prioritize her work as an actress over the fame that comes with it. She has often spoken about her passion for acting and the fulfillment she derives from her craft, indicating that her primary motivation is artistic expression rather than seeking fame or celebrity status. 

Reilly tends to keep her personal life private and doesn't often engage in the celebrity gossip or tabloid culture. She has expressed a preference for maintaining a low profile outside of her work, indicating a desire to protect her privacy and personal boundaries. 

Reilly seems to be selective about the projects she takes on, focusing on roles that challenge her creatively and allow her to explore diverse characters. 

While Reilly may not actively seek fame, she has expressed gratitude for the recognition and opportunities that come with her acting career. She appreciates the support of her fans and acknowledges the impact of her work on audiences, even if she doesn't actively court celebrity status. 

Like many actors, Reilly likely navigates the balance between promoting her work and maintaining her privacy. While she may participate in interviews, red carpet events, and other promotional activities as part of her professional obligations, she appears to prefer keeping the focus on her work rather than on herself as a celebrity. 

Overall, Kelly Reilly's perspective on fame and celebrity seems to be grounded in her dedication to her craft, her respect for privacy, and her appreciation for the opportunities her acting career affords her.