Kevin Costner's latest film character is quite different: that of a maniac.

Kevin Costner's latest film role marks a significant departure from his usual character types, as he takes on the role of a psychopath.  

Known for his roles as a rugged hero or a morally upright character, Costner's portrayal of a psychopath challenges his established image. This unexpected turn can generate curiosity and interest among both fans and critics, making it a compelling talking point in marketing campaigns. 

The stark contrast between Costner's previous roles and his new character can be leveraged to create buzz. Teasers, trailers, and promotional materials can emphasize this transformation, sparking conversations on social media and among movie enthusiasts. 

Promoting Costner's performance as a psychopath can underscore his acting range and versatility. Marketing efforts can focus on critical acclaim or early reviews that praise his ability to convincingly portray such a complex and dark character. 

This role allows for targeting a broader demographic, including fans of psychological thrillers and darker narratives. Marketing strategies can be tailored to appeal to these audiences, potentially expanding Costner's fan base. 

Interviews and press releases can focus on Costner’s preparation for the role, his experiences during filming, and his thoughts on playing such a different character.  

Trailers and posters can be crafted to reflect the film's dark and intense atmosphere. Visuals highlighting Costner’s transformation and key scenes that showcase his character’s psychological complexity can be particularly effective. 

Engaging with fans through social media platforms, sharing behind-the-scenes content, and releasing character-focused teasers can keep the audience engaged and build anticipation. Fans of Costner might be particularly interested in seeing how he approaches such a different role.