Kevin Costner's portrayals of iconic characters.

Kevin Costner has delivered memorable performances in a variety of iconic roles throughout his career, solidifying his status as one of Hollywood's most versatile actors. Here are some of his notable portrayals of iconic characters:

Costner starred as real-life Prohibition agent Eliot Ness in Brian De Palma's crime drama "The Untouchables." His portrayal of Ness, leading a team of incorruptible lawmen against gangster Al Capone, showcased his ability to embody historical figures with integrity and conviction.

Costner played Iowa farmer Ray Kinsella in the fantasy drama "Field of Dreams." His portrayal of the character, who builds a baseball diamond in his cornfield at the urging of a mysterious voice, captured the essence of nostalgia, fatherhood, and the power of dreams.

Costner starred as veteran minor league baseball player Crash Davis in Ron Shelton's romantic comedy "Bull Durham." His portrayal of the seasoned catcher, tasked with mentoring a talented but undisciplined rookie pitcher, showcased his charm, wit, and depth as an actor.

Perhaps Costner's most iconic role, he played Union Army Lieutenant John J. Dunbar in the epic western "Dances with Wolves," which he also directed. His portrayal of Dunbar, who befriends a tribe of Lakota Sioux Indians, earned him critical acclaim and multiple Academy Awards, including Best Picture and Best Director.

Costner took on the legendary role of Robin Hood in the action-adventure film "Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves." His portrayal of the iconic outlaw, leading a band of Merry Men against the tyrannical Sheriff of Nottingham, showcased his swashbuckling charisma and heroism.

Costner portrayed real-life New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison in Oliver Stone's conspiracy thriller "JFK." His performance as Garrison, investigating the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, demonstrated his ability to tackle complex, morally ambiguous characters.

Costner played Jonathan Kent, adoptive father of Clark Kent/Superman, in the DC Extended Universe films. His portrayal of Kent, instilling values of compassion and responsibility in his superpowered son, added emotional depth to the superhero narrative.