Kyle Shanahan: Brock Purdy has been working hard, won't be rusty against Packers.

The 49ers were able to rest quarterback Brock Purdy in the last game of the regular season since they earned a bye in the first round of the playoffs. 

 Therefore, it will be Purdy's first game in twenty days when he takes the field on Saturday to play against the Packers.

Nevertheless, Purdy won't be rusty, according to the head coach of the 49ers,

Kyle Shanahan, because the 49ers have given him a heavy workout during his time off from playing against opposition defenses.

"He has not been on a week off with a bye. The hell out of Brock was brought down by us. "Conferences and drills," Shanahan explained more. We had two more intense sessions than we normally do in a week, and Brock went out with the men on Monday and did some stuff with them.

He has been here, and he has worked on his days off. Our practices were more intense than they are normally. Now that we have him back, we are going to have two more practices than we did before. That is not anything that I am concerned about harming Brock in any way for Saturday.

When their teams have already secured a spot in the playoffs, coaches always have to strike a balance between ensuring the health of their finest players and preventing them from becoming rusty

When it comes to Purdy, Shanahan is certain that he made the proper decision

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