Lainey Wilson's Mom and Dad, Michelle and Brian Wilson.

Michelle and Brian Wilson are known for being incredibly supportive and loving parents. 

They provided a nurturing environment for Lainey during her childhood, fostering her love for music and supporting her dreams. 

Michelle and Brian likely played a role in Lainey's musical upbringing, exposing her to various genres and artists, which influenced her distinctive sound. 

Growing up, Lainey witnessed her parents' strong work ethic, which instilled in her the values of perseverance and dedication. 

Michelle and Brian have always been there for Lainey, offering emotional support and guidance throughout her journey in the music industry. 

They undoubtedly take pride in Lainey's accomplishments, celebrating her successes and cheering her on during challenges. 

Michelle and Brian provided a stable foundation for Lainey, equipping her with the confidence and resilience needed to pursue her dreams. 

Despite the demands of Lainey's career, the Wilson family likely remains close-knit, cherishing their bond and the moments they share together.