Learn how to identify the signs that indicate you are in a relationship that is not good for you.

In a good friendship, there is always reciprocity. Something is gained with the sacrifice of another. Being there for each other emotionally is just as important as the tangible things we share, so don't think it's just about the money.

However, there are friendships that drain you because you're always the one doing the giving and never the receiving. In which you are constantly informed about their problems but never asked how you are doing.

These are the kinds of friendships that are harmful to your life and in no way should you allow them to exist in your life.

Your close buddy asks for an excessive number of favors, yet they do not express gratitude for the work that you have put out.

You may believe the easiest way to break up with a friend is to ignore their calls and texts. Smart people will know to stop calling you after a few days. Gradual withdrawal doesn't always work. These scenarios may need talking to harmful friends. Inform them respectfully "this is over". Why don't you want this friendship and why it doesn't benefit you?

Just because you ended a toxic connection doesn't imply you're a horrible friend. Sometimes you had fun or nice chats. Be grateful and move on. Feeling terrible about terminating a poisonous connection won't help you go forward. The healing process includes it. Give yourself time to recover. Gain positive people to help you flourish.

This poisonous friend may have hurt you intentionally or unwittingly. After the friendship ends, the poison may remain. Focus on other aspects of your life. Consider your life, work, and friends. Friendship norms may need to be relearned. Find people that inspire and make you value friendship.

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