Lose weight by combining aerobic exercise with strength training. (Part-1)

To lose weight effectively, it is best to combine aerobic activity with strength training. This is because the former helps with cardiovascular fitness while the latter helps with muscle development. 

To Lose Weight and Get in Shape, First Things First: Establish Your Objectives. Having defined health objectives, a definite amount of weight to lose, or an increase in fitness will help you stay focused.

Make sure your fitness routine is safe and appropriate for your requirements by consulting a healthcare professional before beginning. This is particularly important if you have any pre-existing health concerns.

Combine exercise with a healthy, well-balanced diet so you control your calorie intake. To lose weight, one must reduce both their caloric intake and calorie expenditure.

Maintain an aerobic exercise routine of 75 minutes of high intensity or 150 minutes of moderate intensity per week.

On a minimum of two days per week, incorporate strength training activities. Lifting equipment, resistance bands, or free weights can help you target big muscle areas.

To get the most out of your cardiovascular exercises, try including interval training. To maximize calorie expenditure, try alternating between high- and low-intensity intervals.

Select complex workouts that work numerous muscle groups all at once. The squat, the lunge, and the push-up are a few examples.

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