Mike McCarthy considers Dak Prescott "part of the solution"

In two weeks, Dak Prescott will likely finish in the top five for MVP. He might rank second after Lamar Jackson. However, MVP is a regular-season award. Prescott excels in the regular season with a 73-41 record and 99.0 passer rating, but the postseason is different. He is 2-5 with a 91.8 passer rating in crucial situations.

Prescott has led Dallas to five playoffs. They never reached the NFC Championship Game under him. Prescott didn't know "why" following the Packers' 48-32 butt kick, but he agreed that all quarterbacks get evaluated, especially in Dallas. "It’s about winning and winning the playoffs and getting to the last game and winning that as well," he added.

After last Sunday's tragedy, Cowboys supporters want everyone gone, yet Mike McCarthy will return as head coach on Wednesday. Prescott, who has a $59.4 million cap hit, will return. McCarthy termed second-team All-Pro Prescott "part of the solution."

“I have unbelievable belief in Dak,” McCarthy told Jon Machota of TheAthletic.com. “I think he has another step. This crime suits him. The system is designed to help the quarterback succeed. We are optimistic about our future expansion. The two discussed disappointment a lot this week. We discussed the game, its flaws, and how to improve it.

I trust Dak Prescott. I believe he is the answer. He's part of future solutions. We can get through this emotional moment, despite how hard it is. We'll build on his contributions."

Add additional voidable years or make Prescott one of the league's highest-paid quarterbacks with an extension to decrease his cap number for 2024. Do they want to commit to him after 2024 at this price?

Although the Cowboys traded a fourth-round selection for Trey Lance, Prescott has leverage. I doubt they've seen enough of Lance in limited practice reps to determine he's the successor.

The Cowboys have called Prescott their future quarterback, but how long do they allow him to do what he hasn't in eight years? Brock Purdy can win his third playoff game in two seasons this week. Baker Mayfield has as many as Prescott.

None other than Roger Staubach and Troy Aikman had Super Bowl wins as Cowboys quarterbacks. Prescott will get another chance to join.

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