nourishment contributes to prolonged human lifespans

Plant-Based Diet: Legumes, nuts, seeds, fruits, and vegetables should take center stage. Nutrients, fiber, and antioxidants are all provided by them.

Choose healthy fats from foods like nuts, seeds, avocados, and olive oil. The heart and general health benefit from these fats.

Reduce Consumption of Processed Foods: Refined and processed foods are high in sugar, harmful fats, and additives, therefore it's best to limit your consumption of them.

Moderate Protein: Incorporate protein sources such as seafood, chicken, lean meats, beans, and tofu into your diet. Make sure you're getting a variety of foods without going overboard on any one.

Portion Control: Watch what you eat. Any meal, even those that are good for you, can cause weight gain and health problems if eaten in excess.

Keep Yourself Hydrated: Sip on plenty of water all day long. A number of physiological processes rely on adequate hydration.

Eat a rainbow of colors by eating a wide variety of meals. Try to get a variety of colors on your plate, as they frequently represent various nutrients.

The practice of mindful eating is being in tune with your hunger and fullness signals. You may control your portion sizes by eating deliberately and enjoying your food.

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