Packers supporter unhappy with 1st selection, Lions fans humorously rubbed it in

Watching New York Jets fans become frustrated with the team's selections was, for many years, one of the most enjoyable aspects of the National Football League Draft. People will remember the Jets fan who buried his head in his hands when they passed on Warren Sapp in favor of tight end Kyle Brady for the rest of their lives.

On Thursday night, we were brought back to that kind of reaction, but this time it came from a supporter of the Green Bay Packers. Also, from fans of the Detroit Lions who cherished his suffering

Around the time when the draft was taking place, it appeared that fans of the Packers had an unusually strong desire for Iowa cornerback Cooper DeJean

At the time when the Packers used the 25th pick, there were a number of defensive players available to be selected, including DeJean and a great number of others. Jordan Morgan, an offensive tackle from Arizona, was selected by the Packers. Morgan was considered a first-round talent.

There was a Packers fan who was front and center on ESPN's broadcast when the decision was made, and, well, we've all been there with our favorite club and draft picks that we don't like.

It has been a very long time since fans of the Lions have had the opportunity to dunk on fans of the Packers in such a manner.

There is typically a sense of optimism surrounding the NFL Draft. Despite the fact that they were absolutely off the radar, fans are able to convince themselves into making picks that are made

It's never a terrible idea to add guys to the offensive line, and Morgan has the potential to become an outstanding tackle in the future. Whatever the outcome may be, the emotion of that Packers fan will be remembered for a very long time.