(Part-1) Chargers interview Jim Harbaugh, but Rooney Rule obligations grow.

Embrace Jim Harbaugh in its entirety if the most obscure major sports organization in Los Angeles wishes to make the most of their greatest opportunity to grab fans' attention, alter public opinion, and win games.

They conducted his interview on Monday. Supposedly, he had never interviewed for the NFL before. He doesn't seem to be pursued by a multitude of organizations. People might not be very interested in him since he is a strange guy. Going somewhere that values diversity of thought and expression will be necessary for his comeback to the NFL.

Although Harbaugh will bring a lot of baggage to the Chargers' meticulously maintained front lawn (he was suspended for two-thirds of last season at Michigan), he also represents everything that their organization needs after seven years in the Southland. People recognize him as an NFL player. People look up to his NFL record. Plus, Justin Herbert will listen to his voice.

The most crucial aspect is that final sentence. They have an offensive coach in Harbaugh who can restore greatness to their best player. You could sum up this whole column in with one half-statement. Herbert to Harbaugh. That is all. No more justification is required.

Consider the many students that Jim Harbaugh has worked with during his extensive and varied coaching career.

At Stanford, he was an integral part of Andrew Luck's success. Along with Colin Kaepernick, he was a key cog in the 49ers' Super Bowl run. At Michigan, he elevated J.J. McCarthy to the position of team leader for the national title.

This leads us to Herbert, a top-tier young quarterback in the league whose progress has come to a standstill. Both a healthy wide receiver and a quarterback whisperer are necessities for Herbert. That man would be Harbaugh.

The statistics speak for themselves: in his first three seasons with the 49ers, Harbaugh posted a 44-19-1 record and advanced to the NFC title game every year. Whenever he travels, his teams always come out on top and even change for the better.

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