(Part-1) Jerry Jones' thoughts? Positive thinking and loyalty keep Mike McCarthy safe with the Cowboys.

Mike McCarthy was hired in 2020 to help the Dallas Cowboys reach the playoffs after Jason Garrett failed. Four years later, McCarthy hasn't. He has failed to lead a talented team to an NFC title game or a Super Bowl in more than 28 years.

To question if McCarthy would return to the Cowboys was to worry if Jerry Jones would act like many trigger-happy NFL owners. After losing a wild-card game at home this year after winning on the road last year, McCarthy's Cowboys hadn't moved further in the playoffs than in prior 12-5 seasons. The club fell short of postseason expectations.

Cowboys became only club to lose among six wild-card hosts for second time in three years. Losing against McCarthy's old Packers did not help.

To ask if the Cowboys would replace McCarthy was to ask if Jones thought his skill was limited. McCarthy had raised the floor more than Garrett in the regular season, but was it enough? Could a better candidate have been found?

Fair conjecture increased due to the extraordinary quality of free-agent coaching skill.

This team's decisions come from Jerry Jones, who owns it. The Cowboys' 81-year-old owner and general manager had to decide if starting over and replacing the head coach of a top-five offense and defense would help his club win.

Explaining Jerry Jones' choice to retain Mike McCarthy After allegations about McCarthy's job security surfaced online, Jones issued a comment. Within an hour, the Cowboys arranged McCarthy's end-of-year press conference for Thursday morning.

“I believe this team is very close and capable of achieving our ultimate goals,” Jones added. “Mike McCarthy as head coach will be our best step forward.” Jones noted McCarthy's “many layers of success” and “progress” in three straight postseason-eligible seasons, which his predecessor failed to do. As Jones does, he lauded McCarthy's relationship with players and recognized fans' biggest concerns

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