(Part-1) Playoff QB outlier Purdy proved draft status is unimportant.

In Santa Cruz — The 49ers are unique among the eight NFL playoff-bound clubs in that they are the only one whose starting quarterback was not selected in the first round.

Christian McCaffrey thinks his quarterback Brock Purdy's numbers should stand on their own, even though other people outside the 49ers organization would think his performance since taking over the starting job is outstanding considering he was the final choice of the 2022 NFL Draft.

What he has accomplished is remarkable, regardless of whether he gets drafted in the first round or not, McCaffrey stated after practice on Wednesday. When compared to other first-round picks, his stats are excellent.

Although neither George Kittle nor McCaffrey is shocked, they are both impressed. All-Pro tight end and former fifth-round selection feels quarterback Tyler Purdy has stood out since joining the Santa Clara team.

To some extent, Purdy's unexpected success may be attributable to the fact that he was not a top selection pick. Purdy felt even more pressure to do well on the job now that he wasn't guaranteed a position as a first-round choice.

"The draft is just an opportunity," Kittle told NBC Sports Bay Area. "Brock is the type of player who was prepared for his opportunity, came in, and performed really well on his first try.

His actions speak for themselves. Going into the game, you may be the last man standing if you choke, especially if you were a seventh-round draft pick—the very last one. Well, you can never tell.

With the 49ers' offense under his direction since Week 13 of the 2022 NFL season, Purdy has set new records and continues to become better.

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