(PArt-2) Bears risk injury if they let Justin Fields go: report

Not to mention that Fields's squad is very behind him. Absolutely, without a doubt. They all voiced their steadfast support for the quarterback following Sunday's victory over the Falcons.

"Julian is mine. Everybody wants Justin. Coming right up! "After the win, in the locker room," Jaquan Brisker stated. Our man is the one. That man is a leader and a playmaker, no doubt about it. Such a man is liked by us. He's putting his whole self into it. Fifteen tackles were broken. Dude, I have no idea. Definitely, he's magnificent. That kind of individual can't be allowed to go unnoticed.

"I’ve said it before, I’m going to keep saying it -- what makes him not the quarterback?" "After the win," DJ Moore announced. I mean, nowadays, the Houdini act should have sealed his fate... he's absolutely iconic. He is expected to start as quarterback. It is my desire that he play quarterback. Now it's up to the higher-ups to address my statements. Their choice is final.

Supporters were visible even among Soldier Field's patrons. During the game, the stadium was filled with loud chanting of "We want Fields!". The crowd is smitten with Fields because of his leadership, professionalism, and spectacular performances.

To what extent should the locker room's judgment on Ryan Poles and the front office's choice about Fields be considered? Ultimately, it is the responsibility of the front office to identify a worthy replacement for a player who isn't performing up to par. The trade market value of Fields does not seem to be very spectacular, according to Fowler.

"The consensus in an informal poll of league evaluators is that Fields would be worth a second- or third-round pick in a pre-draft trade," said Fowler. However, it would seem that the first overall choice in the 2024 NFL draft is quite valuable.

"If the Bears traded the first pick, the return could be immense," said Fowler. "From a potential trade partner previously selected in the top five, many executives believe Chicago might fetch more than what it received in the Panthers deal. 

According to those executives, a top pick this year may be accompanied by two more first-rounders in the future, a variant of a Day 2 pick, and/or a top-tier senior player with a reasonable deal if the team wants to reach the top spot.

Watch this space for further developments.