(Part-2) Louis Rees-Zammit shockingly quits rugby for NFL ambition.

One of the league's most technical positions, it requires athleticism but focuses on where to run, when to expect the quarterback's throw, and how to respond to opposing defensive systems. NFL's highest art is real-time readings. It requires second-by-second mapping of 21 moving persons and the ability to plan forward.

Football's finest receivers are typically smarter than athletic. True stars have both. Although Rees-Zammit is smart, his opponents for a roster place will have been studying the game for years, placing him at a disadvantage.

The most successful IPPP candidates have been offensive or defensive linemen. Australian rugby player Jordan Mailata switched to American football. The Philadelphia Eagles drafted Mailata in the seventh round in 2018 and he has become a top left tackle.

Mailata's rise to the league's top player at a key position is a little miracle. Mailata brought unusual attributes to the Philadelphia locker room. He entered the league as one of its heaviest players at 6'8" and 365 lbs. 

 He was put into an offense that maximized his strengths and minimized his flaws. Even though the trail was rarely traveled, his potential was evident. The size of Rees-Zammit is not notable.

Plus After being drafted at 21, Mailata spent two seasons slow-cooking in the background to improve his skill before playing. Rees-Zammit is nearly 23, elderly for NFL rookies.

No doubt, Rees-Zammit's goal is noble. He's leaving a famous sport to play with reserve players in a complicated, brutal sport. Even making a franchise's practice squad, or reserve team, is impressive. He is giving up a guaranteed paycheck for a practice squad check, a $200,000-a-year one that is only guaranteed weekly. NFL clubs are known for removing underperforming players.

The Welshman doesn't appear to care about money. “It’s nothing about rugby,” Rees-Zammit told BBC. It's about my desire to play in the NFL and fulfill my goal. Though unlikely, Rees-Zammit will be a pioneer if he succeeds in his expected role.

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