(Part-2) Playoff QB outlier Purdy proved draft status is unimportant.

The quarterback, who was selected to the Pro Bowl not long ago, topped the league in many statistical categories, including completion percentage (13.9%), touchdown ratio (7%), and passer rating (113.0%).

But Purdy's 17-4 record as a starter during the regular season and two postseason victories are the most crucial numbers. Even though the quarterback has a 2-1 playoff record, he was unable to pitch a complete game in last year's NFC Championship Game due to a shoulder injury.

Astonishing, yes, but predictable, after a while, McCaffrey said. His character dictates it at a certain point. Being excellent so frequently becomes ordinary, and that is what makes great players great, and he is a heck of a player. He has done just what they do all the time.

Among the many shocks that left tackle Trent Williams has encountered throughout his fourteen seasons in the NFL, Purdy may rank among the most pleasant and surprising. A smile spread over the All-Pro's face when he was questioned about his youthful teammate.

"It's certainly remarkable," Williams remarked.  Looking at Mr. Irrelevant's body of work, even if he were to quit everything tonight, you would still be impressed by how far he has gone in just 24 months.

He saves lives. We won the lotto. In addition to being an excellent athlete, he is an even greater teammate, friend, and overall human being.

Like one's chronological age, Williams views one's draft position as little more than a numerical value; he was Washington's fourth overall selection in the 2010 NFL Draft. Evidence may be seen in the lives of Williams, 35, and Purdy, 262.

Williams expressed her admiration and hoped that the young athlete will keep breaking new ground and proving that draft status is solely determined by the events of selection day. The next step is entirely up to you.

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