(Part-2) Trump attorneys hint at classified documents defense in new petition.

Months later, in an effort to shield the Justice Department from accusations of political bias, Attorney General Merrick Garland nominated Smith as special counsel.

On Tuesday night, a representative for Smith chose not to comment. The prosecution has an opportunity to reply to the motion, and they will most likely inform U.S. District Judge Aileen Cannon that the majority of the documents sought by the defense are irrelevant.

According to an indictment filed against Trump in June 2023, which charges him with several criminal offenses, investigators discovered boxes of critical data carelessly stashed at Mar-a-Lago in various locations such as the ballroom, the restroom and shower, his bedroom, and a storage room

The records he withheld, refused to return, and even displayed to guests, according to prosecutors, put troops and secret sources in danger, as well as international relations.

Nevertheless, the defense attorneys stated in their statement that they will contest the claims that "Mar-a-Lago was not secure and that there was a risk that materials stored at those premises could be compromised."

They claimed that the government should be compelled to reveal all details concerning the "temporary secure locations" at Mar-a-Lago and other Trump properties, which they had already referred to as such. 

They said that the Secret Service's efforts to safeguard the homes and his reading and discussion of secret material provided evidence that would disprove the prosecution's claims.

Moreover, following the filing of the accusations in June, the legal team representing Trump cited a move by the Energy Department that purportedly "retroactively terminated" the former president's security clearance.

In their request for further information, they stated that proof of a security clearance held after the president's administration was pertinent to possible claims of "good-faith and non-criminal states of mind relating to possession of classified materials." Trial is expected to take place on May 20, but that date is subject to change.

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