(Part-2) Trump's extended New Hampshire rally follows a court day.

Trump has made his legal issues a focus of his presidential primary campaign, and his fans appear unfazed by his more combative attitude to the United States court system. Trump lingered in New York and Washington last week as his opponents traveled to Iowa for the caucuses, attending judicial sessions in two lawsuits against him and showing supporters that he was fighting back against persecution. He won Iowa's caucus with 51%.

Trump is set on blending court and campaigning in New Hampshire, the next Republican nomination state. On Wednesday, the judge warned Trump that he would be thrown out of court if he kept chatting during Carroll's testimony.

As Trump took the stage in New Hampshire, the audience shouted and hooted his campaign slogans. After a day of sitting still and being told to be quiet in court, Trump was clearly enjoying himself, chatting with a receptive throng.

“Would you trust Joe Biden to run your store while you ski a small hill in New Hampshire?” Like a standup comedian, Trump questioned about his potential Democratic opponent in November.

Later, he joked about former President Jimmy Carter, who is in Georgia hospice with terminal cancer. Trump stated, “He’s happy because his presidency is now considered brilliant in comparison to Joe Biden.”

The crowd laughed as Trump referenced his former White House physician, now a Texas Republican congressman and Biden opponent. Trump said, “That’s Ronny Jackson of Texas,” as if praising a stagemate. After an hour of Trump's address, the ballroom became stifling and many left.

After waiting hours outside in 20-degree New Hampshire temperatures, attendees waited hours inside. However, they supported Trump, echoing his constant claims of legal persecution.

“I think it’s disgusting what they’re doing to him, but he’s doing what he has to do,” said Beverly Rider, who drove from Maine to Portsmouth Wednesday morning to wait for Trump. “He’s helping us.”

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