Plants that Attract Beneficial Insects for Pest Control

Lavender: Attracts bees and butterflies while repelling mosquitoes and moths. 

Marigold: Deters nematodes in the soil and attracts beneficial insects like ladybugs. 

Dill: Attracts beneficial insects like predatory wasps that prey on garden pests. 

Basil: Repels mosquitoes and attracts bees, butterflies, and other pollinators. 

Calendula: Attracts predatory insects that feed on aphids and other pests. 

Chamomile: Attracts hoverflies, which are beneficial predators of aphids. 

Sunflower: Attracts bees and provides a food source for birds that consume insect pests. 

Mint: Repels certain pests and attracts predatory insects like spiders. 

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