Proton Mail Enhances Security: Paid Users Receive Dark Web Alerts

Proton Mail now offers Dark Web Monitoring exclusively to its paid subscribers.

This feature alerts users about any potential breaches or leaks involving their information on the dark web.

Users receive detailed alerts specifying the compromised service and the type of personal data exposed, such as passwords or names.

Initially accessible through the Proton Mail Security Center on web or desktop, email and in-app notifications will be added later.

Dark Web Monitoring serves as a proactive security measure, providing timely notifications if a user's credentials are compromised.

If a user's Proton Mail email address is linked to third-party services, the feature helps mitigate potential harm from data breaches.

This enhancement aligns with Proton Mail's commitment to privacy and security, complementing its existing end-to-end encryption.

Dark Web Monitoring is exclusive to paid users, underscoring Proton's dedication to safeguarding user data and preventing identity theft.